I Will Rejoice, for My God Is the Good Shepherd

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People often say that what matters most when dealing with difficulty is not necessarily the seriousness of the particular challenge, but rather how we respond to the questions it poses. In the face of any of life’s difficult questions we wrestle with today, we can still rejoice because our God is a good shepherd.


Scripture:I am the good shepherd. I know my own, and my own know me,” (John 10:14 English Standard Version)

Some Context: As I prepared this message, I took a moment to think about the possible reasons why Jesus deemed it necessary to use the qualifier “good” in that sentence. Would it have sufficed for Him to say “I am the shepherd”? As I reflected on the passage, I realized an important distinction: anyone who leads a group of sheep is shepherd, but someone who cares for them affectionately, loves them and protects them is a good shepherd. Jesus wanted the people to that He is not just the shepherd, He is the good shepherd. He loves His people so deeply that He willingly died for their sins. He cares for their every need and promises to give them rest from all the worries of life. This is who He is.

I would like to invite you to make a list of the 7 most pressing questions you face in your life today. Some of them may be questions that you have wrestled with for several decades. Others may relate to situations that have recently appeared in your life. Still, others may regard the crises that you are either imagining or foreseeing.  Whatever the sources of those anxious questions in your life are, I encourage you to hold onto this blessed reassurance found in Scripture: Jesus Christ is the good shepherd.

May you find, hope, peace, and encouragement in knowing that Jesus Christ loves us, cares for us and promises to protect us in times of danger. He is the good shepherd.

May God Bless You,

Son-Djerry Cameus

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