Trusting God| A Prerequisite for His Blessings

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this week’s message: Trusting God| A Prerequisite for His Blessings.

A Prerequisite is usually defined as something that needs to happen before that another related action takes place. The message for this considers how God presented the widow of Zarephath with a prerequisite: She was instructed to use the little of barrel (wheat) and oil she had left to make a cake for the prophet Elijah.


God often presents us with a prerequisite before He releases various blessings in our lives. While the prerequisite for each person and/or each situation is likely to be different, God intends them to lead us to a place where we trust Him completely.


May God use this message to encourage you to follow through with each of the prerequisites He presents in your life, so that you can receive the ensuing blessings

May God Bless You,

Son-Djerry Cameus,

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