The Proof Of Our Faith | Doing What God Says

Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome to this week’s message: The Proof Of Our Faith | Doing What God Says 

This message considers how the Widow of Zarephath demonstrated her faith and trust in God by doing exactly what God instructed her to do. Despite the dire situation she was facing, she displayed complete trust in God’s faithfulness.

RH-ElijahFedByWoman_08 Credit: Ellen G. White

Similarly, doing what God commands us to do provides firm and concrete evidence both to God and the people around us that our faith is in Him. When we act according to God’s instructions, we demonstrate a faith in God that is greater than any words we could every speak or any songs we could ever sing.

May God use this message to encourage you, to strengthen you, and to embolden you to demonstrate your faith in God by doing what He says.

May God bless you,

Son-Djerry Cameus

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